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Lies Worth Telling

Lies Worth Telling

Recorded 2012 at GCR Audio
Buffalo, New York
Producer: Robby Takac
Engineer: Justin Rose

This EP was a huge step for us, musically and professionally. It was a chance to work with Robby Takac, who is a founding member/bassist/vocalist of the Goo Goo Dolls, a band that shaped my musical awareness. Every conversation I had with Robby consisted of me trying not to squee like a schoolgirl in sheer joy.

We put down 3 new songs, and revisited 2 oldies ("If You Wanna Run" and "If Ever"). We weren't planning on redoing "If Ever," but we finished everything else so quickly that we had time to kill. I wasn't about to let us sit idle.

Go on a brief tour of the creative process behind the "Lies Worth Telling" artwork.

Take it or Leave it

For you, Dad. Love, Adams

You were
confident and so mature
just what we were looking for
all this time

But you learn something new
every day
Yeah you learn something new
every day

Take it or leave it
I never thought I'd hear myself saying
you were right
and I was wrong
yeah it's hard to believe it
I never ever thought I'd be saying
you were right
and I was wrong
all this time

I'm standing at your bedside
this is not how you have to die
not this time

Time can't save you this time
no, I won't save you this time
this time

Hold Me Down

what do you want from me
if you're buying I'm selling
from a suitcase of misery
and lies worth telling

if I don't make sales
I'll be dropping anchor
in my mixed metaphor
vessel I just sank her

you hold me up
and you hold me down
you hold me up
and you hold me down
don't ask me what
I'm doing now
you hold me up
and you hold me down
hold me down

stare back vacantly
while the room is spinning
some things will never be
and some losers are winning

and it takes me back
just to think about it
try to get off track
and forget about it

breaking my hands
by moving your feet
I don't understand
what you want from me

Everything is Golden

Through your window pane
I see a hurricane
and the clouds are turning
the world has caught on fire
and you're sick and tired
and you're glad it's burning

I could be crazy too
if that's what you want
is that what you want

'cus everything is golden here
thanks for asking
and everything is cold outside
death and taxes
and I
I'll give you anything that you need
so just stay right here with me
and I'll keep playing
I'll keep saying

can better angels preside
if all your angels have died
and what's the use in hoping
I won't run away
but I won't just say
everything you're hoping

Or I could be crazy too
if that's what you want
is that what you want

If You Wanna Run

I had this feeling
last night
you were counting
up my crimes

Say I'm crazy that I'm lying
but you're saying nothing
and I know why

So if you wanna run away from me
that's just fine
if you wanna run away from me
I'll give you time
time to run

I don't own you
you're not mine
but I'll hold you
deep inside

You've got space honey
and you've got time
take all you need darlin'
I'll be fine

Close your pretty eyes
say your goodbyes
this is not what I had in mind
no this is not what we had in mind

If Ever

If ever you feel like you're lonely
and everyone else has moved away
and somebody is on your case and
you never know what to say

I'm on your side
don't ask why
I love you
and I always will
I'm on your side

If ever you think that you're only
what somebody else chose to say
All that you love left you hanging
and you have forgotten your way

I've never left you
how could I forget you
always remember that I love you
when no one else even tries

copyright Adams Eberwein ©2006-2023